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Halloween at the club Sunday 25th October 2015


It was the Clubs Annual Halloween party on Sunday 25th October 2015.

I was there but it did not look as if there was much out of the ordinary.  Just another club session.   

Many of the regulars were there and the club session was a little different with games and a bag of goodies at the end.

Just another club session really, as you can see from some of the pictures I took.

I know others also took some pictures perhaps if they saw something different they could send them US  and we will include them here. Just in-case they saw something out of the ordinary worth showing.
If you would like one of the pictures you are in email   and we will send you a printable version of the photo.

As I said there were games on the day where all the participants got into the 'spirit' of the day, 'witch' just as well 

When the music played the skated around When the music stopped they went to a corner  
Time to decide the winners       Who will it be?
  "We have the winners  
  Everyone gets a goodie bag  
  Hope you had a Happy Halloween  
Some members definitely had a great time
So sweet. Wouldn't hurt a fly.

She is not a fly - Pity