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This page contains more details about the membership categories and how to join the club .

Basically there are two main membership categories Skating and Non Skating and these are further split depending on age or frequency of attendance.


FULL, Under 16 and Student
If you want to skate at the club, compete in the club competitions or skate under the Clubs name in open Competitions you need to be a skating member. The main types of skating membership are FULL , Under 16 and Student. The basic differences are is that the under 16's and Students have a lower membership fee but have no vote at club meetings which the more expensive Full membership has.  The weekly entry fee to skate on the club sessions for Under16's and Over 60's is slightly cheaper than full members.

Associate Skating. This category of membership to cater for members who live further away and cannot manage to attend the Club sessions very often and do not skate at Murrayfield Ice Rink on a regular basis. Associate Skating members can attend up to 4 club sessions at the member price after which they are required to upgrade their membership category by paying the difference between the Associate Skater fees & the Full, Student or Under 16 membership fees. NB the Associate skating member is entitled to many (but not all) skating benefits as other skating members get (e.g. skating for the Club, entry to competitions) but without the voting rights that full membership get.



There are two categories of non skating membership.

Recreational  The Recreational member is a NON Skating member of the Club who is interest in promoting the Club and actively helps at Club sessions (doing the NON Skating work) on a regular basis. The active Recreational members have the same benefits as Full members. Changing from an associate member of the club to a recreational member of the club is at the discretion of the committee.

Associate  The Associate members are non skating members who like to spectate and be part of an organised group or like attending the various social outings the Club organises. (Associates also pay less for spectating at Club sessions).

All categories of membership are kept up to date of the Clubs events including Club Competitions,  and social events .  They benefit from reduced entry to Club run skating events. Associate members can attend Club general meetings and have a say in the debates but unlike Full & Recreational members they are not able to vote.


Well its quite easy. Simply complete the application form (available at the club on a Sunday or downloadable, PDF format, from this website), ask  2 FULL Or Recreational members of the Club (16 years of age & over) to propose and second your application form and return the form in a sealed envelope to ;-

The Membership Secretary,

Murrayfield Ice Skating Club,
Scottish Skating Centre,

Riversdale Crescent,

EH12 5XN.

If you post your application please do not send cash in the post. You can also hand the application form to one of our members manning the registration desk on a Sunday, Or hand it in at the ice rink box office.

All new members must pay a one off joining fee of 3.00 in addition to the membership fee. This is also payable by members who have failed to pay by the due date (31st October). Cheques should be made payable to MISC. Please do not send cash in the post.

The Club season runs from October to September each year irrespective of when you join. Joining now will take your membership up to September 2014

Last updated 8-03-14